Work In Progress Animation Status Update

Right click and loop for better viewing.

I will likey upload this to Vimeo and youtube as well but this is what I have currently been working on lately. It’s one of many short clipped scenes. I plan to put them all together in After Effects but I have a few more things to learn first before I do.

A while ago I was having program issues but the bugs have since been fixed. This was made using CACANi and edited in After Effects. The raster image in the background was made in Clip Paint Studio.

I’ve been working on my 2.5D animation techniques and I think I have the hang of it now. My next set is to attempt to add lighting and shadows efficiently. As you can see I’ve already start to play with it but I need to work on it some more. I haven’t figured out how to animate flickering lights and room shadows in AE yet but I plan to. I just have to get use to how it sets keyframes and handles things.

That’s pretty much it though. Just wanted to give an update on what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.



February 15, 2015

It’s currently to hot to catch up on anything or do anything important. I have mostly been streaming late at night when it’s cooled down but even that is getting harder to do with the increasing heat. Hopefully though I will be back and updating on here with a more regular pattern. I plan to get back to my various tutorials and what not. I also apologise for the shortness of this post but I thought I would give my legitimate readers a heads up on the cause for my absence. This blog isn’t dead, it’s just too hot to do or share work.


Animation Practise

170 frames

Motion test and practise for timing. I worked on this briefly today while reading some tutorials and tips. I actually have nothing to say about this. It’s more or less me just sharing what I’ve been up to today I need to work on my timing and even though it’s somewhat subtle it varies in speed a lot. I also wanted to play with distance. These are ridiculously fun to make.

Software used: Toon Boom Animate Pro 3


zack surprised fright

I have been working for months on an animation for a good friend. Above is just one of my keyframe samples of many. And after making so many GIF’s for revision I have come to learn that they are an excellent way to make animated storyboards as well as use for testing.

Also yes this is an MLP animation but it’s for a fan art OC. He’d always wanted to see his little character animated and I’m getting closer and closer to finishing. I just hope everyone else can enjoy it as well when it’s done.

I’ve been using a combination of Toon Boom Animate Pro and CACANi to get it done. I’m really happy about being able to do it comfortably now. During the beginning, I didn’t have the right software and a lot of it got corrupted. Now I’m getting it done in segments.

Currently this is the project that is consuming my time lately and I love it. I have learned so much and made so many gif animations. I’ve really been enjoying myself actually. And I hope to share more with you guys soon! Take care and happy animating <3


Happy New Year Everyone!

This year I plan to be mostly posting my sewing adventures WITH photo’s. And all of them as well. Even the things I screwed up and how and why. Might help some, maybe you’ll laugh at it but it’s all in good fun.

Basically I got my mother’s sewing machine and Overlocker. Even though she doesn’t think so I know they are both pushing 10yrs + and have almost never been used. For upsetting reasons. She held onto it with hopes of “One day when I feel better” only better never came, so it’s a very meaningful present to receive this year.

Since I received it I’ve already started practising. Most of the practise was in the form of dog clothes. Yes dog clothes. Because they were small, simple and I had a dog I could use as a model. And bless her hairy little self, she was excited to wear it. Since we got her we have had to keep her trimmed in summer and come winter time it takes a while for it to grow back, so in the short time of the early seasons of autumn and winter she wears shirts. She loves her shirts because of all the praise and attention she gets.

Anyway, long story short I plan to make clothing for me and my family when I get use to the machine and sewing again. I use to when I was younger only now I’m not so restricted in what I can make since it’s now my machine and material isn’t as expensive as it use to be.

I have been asked if I will sell any clothing I make or if I will sell my dog clothes. The short answer is no. My long answer however is that if people liked what I would make I would consider but I would only make custom fitting versions of what I design. I couldn’t simply go for the universal free size because everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. I’d rather make a perfect fit than a disappointing one but it’s a lot of work and isn’t likely that I would get to a selling point. And I am talking about bother people and dog clothes. Dog outfits take a lot more work though and I have no plans to sell them in the near future but things may change, who knows.

So those are my plans for this blog for this year. I hope to see you guys around and hear your opinions. I also think it would be a good idea since I will be able to post what I learn and hopefully having it on my blog, I might remember what not to do next time.

Happy New Year!!


Cacani: My Thoughts

Well I love it except for two things. Even though I have the 6month license there is no export to video. Fortunately, because I have a lot of editing to do, it’s not actually effecting me however I would like the option. The other issue, other two issues is that if I use the bone tool it crashes or if I use the other paste options it crashes. Every time.

Other than that, I absolutely love this software! I’ve been wishing something like this would be made and it has. The auto inbetweening is a little awkward at first but if you follow their video tutorials, you can easily be creating movement within minutes instead of hours or days. There’s not much I don’t like.

Things I have enjoyed so far:

  • The vector drawing tools. After so many years in paint tool sai, I have no problem with the curve tools and pens. It’s been years since I’ve made such clean line art. They’re simple and work well.
  • Snap. I like that it does an alright job at snapping ends together and if it doesn’t, there’s always the close gap tool.
  • Previewing how your inbetween will behave.
  • Eraser tools
  • Colouring and autocolour
  • WYSIWYG, no overly complicated tools with just as complicated options. Just simple and clean interface.

Things I don’t really like but aren’t a problem:

  • Minor issues with colouring and sometimes crashing during autocolour.
  • Sketching can cause lag when you go to do line art later. Especially if you sketch messy with a lot of lines. You’re better off to import a reference of your key poses.
  • Navigator window reference, does not behave the same way as it does in the tutorial video. Not sure if it’s a bug or feature restriction.

Despite the small issues, I really do think it’s an excellent program and well worth the money. The first time ever seen anything close to auto-inbetweening was in a video by a Synfig user and how they managed to work around it using zdepth and some clever auto tweening but it was still not very good and had a lot of issues. This isn’t the base with Cacani. It’s very straight forward. I recommend downloading the user manual as well as watching their youtube tutorial playlist before you start anything and practise.

Below is all I’ve managed to finish enough for upload. I hope to upload something with colour in the next week or so. But I am not really sure when since it’s so close to the holidays.


Bulk Delete Plus Update

I have had an incredible increase in spam activity and recently installed Image Captcha to my blog. This significantly decreased the amount of spam comments however it then increased the amount of spam subscriptions. Over 200 new users in 3 days, all spammers so far. For those of you who were legitimate users I am sorry if you were accidentally deleted in the clearing out of these users. Please do resign up but also let me know in a comment that you’re a real user. I highly recommend signing up for an email notice instead of becoming a user if your just a reader that likes to be kept up to date but not be active.

I do apologise for any inconvenience and I apologise for my long absence. I’ve been incredibly sick and now have an ear infection so I’ve been away healing. I will be back soon though. I will hopefully be sharing a few speedpaintings and some mini tips about Toon Boom Animate Pro 3. I hope to see you guys around when I get back. TTFN :)