Krita Brush Update

I recently shared a brush pack over on Deviant Art. You can check it out here:

But there’s a small issue with one brush not wanting to export. And it’s the sketch styled one.  I made a post about how to fix it/set it up.

FL Studio Tip- Note Grid Highlight

Enabling this option eliminates the need for making manual chord guides with ghosting enabled. I know it’s popular but as far as I know FL Studio has been able to do this since about version 10 or 11 and it’s very handy. Espcially if you don’t quite have the power to layer your tracks.

When you lay down your first chord the guides follow along accordingly. You won’t see the guides until you put down your first chord though so don’t freak out. I really recommend this to beginners.



February 1, 2016

I recently had my internet connection speed upgraded. They said it could take up to 10days to take effect. As soon as it does I will DEFINITELY be posting more tutorials and doing more livestreams. If I do livestream though I will likely be doing it on youtube since I can link the player in my posts. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the youtube provided chat.

Rose Flame Fractal For Sale

Super cheap for a raw fractal flame to do whatever you want with. Works Chaotica and is easy to manipulate and use. It was created with Chaotica set to the free version size for users without a paid version so anyone can use it. Stunning rich pink gradient on a black background. You will likely have a lot of fun with this fractal.

Visit the linked image below!

Frac Prev


Watch the animation here to see what you can do with it

Krita Onion Skin Tutorial

It’s ok if you didn’t watch the video because what I’m about to say is very long and in depth. I thought I owed my viewers at least that much. The video is very quick and quite brief. So to make up for it I’m going to do an incredibly long post with many images to walk through most beginners to intermediates to animating in Krita.

A forewarning though, this is both a tips guide and a tutorial on how to use the tools provided, not a “How to animate” tutorial. Confusing I know. In other words I won’t be telling you about keyframe animation or straightforward animation techniques, just the tools and buttons to be able to do so. I might briefly describe how to animate.

Things covered in this post:

  • Keyframes– How to add and remove
  • Onion Skin– How to turn on, adjust and use.
  • Frame Rate and Playback- What you need to know
  • Animating With Layers– Uses and techniques.
  • Process of Creating GIF

After each point is covered I will explain how I created my gif and exported it into other formats.

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Krita Animation- Update

Since the first Beta release I’ve tried and tested out Krita’s new animation features and tools. I must say not only am I blown away but I think I can finally stop aiming for TVPaint and happily stick with Krita for a long, long time.

Raster animation isn’t just my preference, it’s been a long time goal. Something I’ve been aspiring to and chasing for years. I was thrilled to see Toon Boom Harmony finally add raster layers but they still lack an awful lot of basic painting and blending tools. Unlike Krita which started out as drawing and painting software. I’m really excited to try it out when it’s officially released and start a new project.

I’ve always wanted to create a classic paint styled animation but doing that on paper and Cels is incredibly expensive and you run out of storage fast. That’s simply not the case with digital animation. Although storage can become a problem, it’s also an easily solvable one.

I’ve tried multiple freeware. And if it wasn’t vector only it was pixel only which frustrated me. I tried animating with GIMP but it was even more horrendous than animating in photoshop.

First Impressions of Krita Animation

My first use of Krita 2.9.9 Beta, I noticed a dramatic improvement in brush speed. That was always one thing that put me off when it came to drawing with Krita. I’ve been an on and off user for quite a few years now. I think the first time I used it was in 2010 but I’m not sure any more. I’ve picked it up more seriously in 2014 and I’ve been using it more regularly since.

I noticed a number of improvements to various tools but the animation features were what I was most interested in so I didn’t dig to deep into much else. For a first Beta it was very impressive and worked well. Only crashed once or twice during various animation tests.

Krita 2.9.10 Beta though some improvements were made, for me personally it was more buggy. For whatever reason I could not edit an animation file if closed and re-opened. It was as if the layer was locked though it wasn’t. But hey, it’s Beta, bugs are bound to happen. There were a lot of improvements but from the first to the second Beta’s I tried, there was an issue with playback. I noticed I wasn’t the only one. It would not playback in real time.

In Krita 3.0 Pre Alpha the brushes were a lot faster. Sometimes it lagged in the previous alpha’s but it’s working even better now during animation which makes me very eager to see the final release of Krita 3.0 and what else they’ve added and achieved.

The files were editable after saving, closing and re-opening. No crashes thus far and a drop frame rates button which solved the playback issue. There were a few jumping and skipping of frames but I expected as much since my PC was doing to much at once. After closing the excess programs I noticed a huge improvement.

The user interface is a LOT more spacious than before. This was something I liked a lot especially for animation. It was starting to feel very cramped. It’s a little bit buggy while arranging and docking items but that’s to be expected.

Frames move without issue and testing playback speeds is a lot more accurate now if you’re a windows user like myself. Onion skin seems to be functioning better in the latest release. Before it was a little buggy trying to turn certain frames on or off with onion skin. Turning the visibility on and off was a bit difficult but not anymore. It was also a bit buggy altering the onion skin tint before as well, but that seems to be resolved.

I love the onion skin feature in Krita. I wish more programs had their onion skin set this way. It’s easy to customise the onion skin visibility on specific frames and very easy to change the onion skin tint colour as well as turning it off. However I can’t comment on using it with full coloured animation as I haven’t gotten much further than clean up inks.

The main reason I haven’t gotten as far as coloured animation was the lack of editing after saving in previous Beta versions and some crashing occurred. But I plan to try coloured animation in the current release. It will be fun to see how I go and what happens.

So basically to sum it up, I really love the animation features added to Krita. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

AdFly Advertisments

I know how many of you hate ads but recently I’ve been struggling to pay for my domain. I don’t want to lose this wonderful blog and it’s wonderful users. I just want to explain why I may be using on some of my links. These ads aren’t harmful but if any are please do tell me and I’ll either report it or stop using it.

For those wondering if I would recommend it, yes and no. The minimum payment threshold is very reasonable. I recommend it, it’s a good service but if you have a small blog with very little user interaction then I don’t recommend it simply because the earnings are small. But they can easily stack up and quickly if you have good traffic and get a lot of people clicking your links regularly.

That’s the only reason I wouldn’t recommend it simply because it would take too long to see any results and that time could be better spent on sites like ProjectWonderful or Google Adsense.

Krita Animation Test

Sooooo I’ve been following… ok STALKING Krita’s updates since I heard about their kickstarter plans to add animation to their program. A few days ago they released the Beta version and of course I gave it a whirl. Unbelievably I managed to record the whole thing and turn it into a speed up timelapse and here it is. I hope you’ll all enjoy it. The gif version is on my deviantart account.